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Our Policy

This Institute from its inception has developed a profound consciousness that education of the youth is a vital component of the charism of its foundress St. Bartholomea Capitanio who held youth "very dear to her heart" and committed herself whole-heartedly to their personal growth and development so that they would become agents of change for a just society. Our education action is essentially an "Education of the heart".

We after the example of our Foundress dedicate ourselves to the education of youth in schools/colleges. We make constant and careful endeavours to:
  • Make the students aware of their dignity as children of God.
  • Develop their intellectual creative and aesthetic faculties.
  • Cultivate in them love and appreciation for their culture and traditions.
  • Train them in correct use of their judgement, will and affability.
  • Inculcate in them a sense of values.
  • Foster in them social awareness.
  • Promote a sense of responsibility towards their environment.
  • Prepare them for future career and thus develop a well-balanced personality for the good of the society and for the. promotion of a better world, where love, fellowship and service prevail.

The Educational Rights Of The Minorities:
  • Right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice
  • Right to appoint Governing Bodies of their choice.
  • Right to admit students of their communities first.
  • Right to appoint Principals, Headmasters and teachers of their choice provided they have minimum qualification prescribed by the Government.
  • Right to take reasonable fees from student, if the educational institutions are not receiving grant-in-aid from the Government.
  • Right to select the medium of instruction
  • Right to fix a uniform dress for the students
  • Right to teach religion and conduct worship for the children of the minority community.
  • Right to admit either boys or girls or both
  • Right not to be nationalised by the Governments.