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Summer Uniform : (Cl. I-V)

1.       Frock (Blue and White Stripes)

2.       Belt (Uniform cloth)

3.     Bloomers – White

4.     Socks – White with blue stripes

5.       Shoes – Black

6.       Doodles (black)

7.       Hairband(Black)

Dengue Uniform : Trousers with full sleeved stripped shirt

Class VI-XII

Summer and Dengue – Suit Salwar

Kurta - Blue and White Stripes

Salwar – Greyish blue

Socks – White with blue stripes

Shoes – Black

Hairband (black) – thin plastic

Doodles (black )/ Raffles                                      


1. Trousers with full sleeved stripped shirt

 2. Sleeveless Cardigan

3. Blazer with the school crest

4. Socks

Sports uniform : III-XI

Track pant with House T-shirt

Sports uniform: Cl. I and II

Track suit


On P.T. days, P.T uniform is compulsory for all the classes. The colours of P.T. uniform is divided according to the houses.