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Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision and Mission


The vision of education of the Sisters of Charity is an education of the heart and is woven in an ambience of friendliness, understanding and availability after the example of Jesus the Divine Teacher. In the footsteps of our foundress St. B. Capitanio, with special preference for the most needy, we groom the young to become spiritually oriented, morally upright, intellectually alert, culturally integrated, socially committed and compassionate global citizens who care for the common home - Mother Earth.

Our Mission
  • To instill in the students the awareness of their dignity as children of God.
  • To develop their spiritual, intellectual, creative, aesthetic and humane faculties.
  • To create in them a passion for learning and discovery.
  • To train them to critical thinking and problem solving, and to make life promoting choices.
  • To teach them to respect differences and to use freedom with discipline and responsibility.
  • To form them as integrated persons with sense of values, promoting a culture of peace, harmony and justice.
  • To prepare them for life, promoting healthy habits, developing a well-balanced personality, empowering them to face every challenge with confidence, competence, commitment and strength of character.
  • To foster in them social awareness to be leaders for social upliftment and change.
  • To nurture in them environmental consciousness and respect for self, others, nature and God.
  • To inspire them to develop a culture of excellence with a global dimension.