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Manager's Message


Greetings from HCS to one and all !


“Education takes place when life opens up for a human person, when personality matures and when one decides on the correct orientation for life”. The school strives to attain this end, acknowledging the paramount importance of education in one’s life.


Education plays a vital role in the development and growth of every student both academic and co-curricular. In order to make this mission of education a successful one, it is essential that we staff, students and parents cooperate with one another, aiming at reaching the goal, ie. to let the young grow up to be integrated persons.


Our educational action is an education of the heart. Holy Child School provides chances and occasions to instil and develop a strong moral character in order to let them grow up to be committed and compassionate citizens, who care for others and make this world, a world of love.


Education is a daily affair, a community venture in which each person has a contribution to make in order to build a new society. All those who are engaged in the formation of the young, therefore, should create an environment which will help the young feel committed and responsible to their own growth.


I wish all the best to all those associated with the school. I wish every student with the given chances, develop a bright and sound mind and bloom to spread the knowledge and values acquired. May you always be a beacon of light who lights up the path of others.


May God Bless us all !