Parents are requested to buy the uniform only from the uniform shop in the school premises to maintain uniformity in colour and tailoring. Those who do not have the approved colour and pattern will not be admitted to the class.

Summer Uniform :(K.G.) April to November.

Tunic                          :    Red Check Frock

Hair Band                    :    Red

Socks                          :    Plain Red Nylon

Shoes                         :    Black with red border

Dengue Uniform : Will be notified Later.

Winter Uniform : Will be notified Later.

Summer Uniform:(CI.I-V) April to November

Tunic                                :      White Swiss Cotton with red polka dots, square neck with two box pleats

                                                 in front and two at the back.

Blouse                               :      White Polplin with red lining on the half sleeves, close neck with colour.

Ribbons/Doodles                 :     Red

Belt                                   :     Red

Hair band                          :     Red

Socks                                :    Plain Red Nylon

Shoes                                :    Black with red border (REX School Shoes)

Summer Uniform :(CI. VI XII) April to November

Salwar                          :    White Swiss Cotton with red polka dots.

Kameez                        :    White Swiss Cotton with red polka dots, stitched loose with collar

                                           (cotton slip compulsory)

Dupatta                        :    Plain red.

Socks                           :    Plain Red Nylon

Ribbin/Hair band           :   Red

Doodles                        :   Black

WInter (I-XII) (November to March)

Trousers                          :    Grey Woollen

Shirt                               :    White Full sleeved, with red collar and cuffs.

Cardigan                        :    Plain red Woollen.

Blazer                            :    Red with School monogram (Compulsory for all in Decembert and January)


Dengue uniform : Will be notified later.

 All other things remain the same as in Summer. On P.T. days uniform is compulsory for class I to X. Uniform for classes I to XII will be available in the school premises at the commencement of the academic year, and on other days beetween 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.