Manager's Message

Manager's Message

To have an atmosphere that is truly conducive to good education, we propose that Jesus Christ’s values so permeate the atmosphere in our school, that persons of all strata regardless of caste, creed, class and colour feel welcomed, respected and loved in a warmth that cherishes even as it challenges.

The school considers the give and take, the building up of the relationships and mutual acceptance among students and staff of widely different backgrounds as an essential part of our educational policy. We work together in a spirit of community, discouraging all unhealthy competition and the structures which foster it.

The school characterizes a simplicity in its life style, shunning all forms of luxury or excessive display. It also ensures its attitudes and activities to be in consonance with what is best in local culture.

We offer the students a formation that will give them a right sense of values and a clear meaning in life. We pay attention to the formation of conscience to build a more humen society in which justice, truth and other values of the kingdom are upheld.

In a pluri-cultural and religious context, we encourage an openness and respect to other religions and joint action with all peace seeking people so that reconciliation, solidarity, integration and communion become our greatest wealth. We educate them to appreciate the Indian heritage and culture in a critical way and to make their own creative and active contribution for its growth.

We keep our youth groups alive and encourage them to stimulate its inner genius from within, enabling them to become aware of their unique and God-given talents , for the glory of God and for the welfare of humanity.

We provide opportunities in co-curricular activities, squad systems, leadership training courses etc. to enable the students to develop their full potential, leadership qualities, organizational skills and self-expression.

We insist on a sense of social concern by creating an awareness of the inequalities and injustices perpetuated in society and a resulting attitude of solidarity and compassion for those who are weak and oppressed.

We train them to a critical analysis of our society and its power structures and to a commitment to be agents of social change.



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