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Fit India Movement

Fitness infuses positive energy in mind, body and spirit. A person who's physically fit is able to live his life to the fullest. Being a part of Fit India Movement started by our honorable prime minister on 29th Aug 2019, Holy Child Sr. Sec. School celebrated Fitness Week from 16th November, 2019 to 22nd November, 2019 sswith full enthusiasm and zeal.

Day I

Our respected Principal, Sr. Sherine commenced the Morning Assembly with prayer and thoughts on "Yoga for all". Students of Class XI elaborated on the benefits of yoga for maintaining not only the physical and mental health but healthy social life as well. A yoga session was organised for students and staff members. The session started with breathing exercise, Tadasana, Trikonasana, Vrkshasana, Ardhchandrasana and ended with Meditation.

Day II

Students gathered in the school ground for Morning Assembly and the Physical Education department led freehand exercise for all the students, explaining them the tonal effect of those exercises on their muscles, their benefits to the circulatory system and mental health and maintaining their weight.


Next day's activities were commenced using the Khelo India App. A poster making competition was organised for all the classes on the theme "Fit Body-Fit mind- Fit environment". Students brought out their creative expressions beautifully through posters depicting the importance of fitness. Best posters were displayed on the school board.

Day IV

Various activities were organised to promote dance, aerobics, yoga, gardening etc. Many students from Classes I to XII enthusiastically participated in different activities. Students from Classes XI and XII also practiced Martial Art. An essay writing competition on the topic 'Fit India School' was also organised. Best entries of the Essay Writing competition were presented with certificates. As Oxygen is one of the main elements which help us to stay fit, saplings were also planted by students in the school premises.

Day V

A Quiz was organised on ' Fitness and Health' for students in their classrooms. With the help of the Quiz students were made aware of various activities and their benefits on our health if we practice them on a regular basis.

Day VI

Traditional games hold a special connect and place in our hearts. To encourage traditional games, students, staff and parents played the games such as Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Pithu, Chain, etc. Through the games everyone celebrated the spirit of unity in diversity which is important to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bends between the people of our country.

Fit India Movement

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