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Tell-a-Tale Class II


English Tell-a-tale competition was organised for Class 2 on 12 July, 2019. Students narrated stories of their choice using innovative techniques and props.

Maths week Class VII


On 10 July,2019 Class VII had a Model making Competition as a part of Maths week. The topic was ‘3D model of a city’. In this group activity the students used their creativity in making models with 3D shapes.

Maths week Class VI


On 9 July, 2019 students of Class VI took part in a drawing competition with the topic- Scenery with numbers as a part of the Mathematics week celebrations. It was an individual competition and students took part enthusiastically.

Tell-A-Tale Class1


As a part of ISA initiative an English Tell-a-tale Competition was organised on 12 July,2019. Students from class 1 narrated stories on the topic- ‘The World Festivals’. The little narrators came up with traditional stories related to different festivals celebrated all over the world.

Maths week class 5


The students of Class V drew scenery on A-4 size sheet using geometrical shapes and coloured it as a part of Maths week activity.

Maths week Class 4


As a part of Maths week in Class IV Dodging Table worksheet was given to the students. The students wrote the answers and coloured the worksheet.

Maths week Class 3


Different Maths activities were conducted during the second week of July 2019. The students of Class III made colourful scenery and pictures by pasting cut-outs of different geometrical shapes.

Maths week class 1 and 2


Celebrating Maths week, Class1 and 2 carried out different activities using placards, pencils, colours etc.

Workshop by on Reading skills


A workshop was conducted by Mrs. Ruchi Sengar on 22 May 2019, to enhance the reading skills and integrating four ELT skills in a classroom session. English teachers took part in the workshop with zeal to learn its functionality in classroom environment.

Child Protection Policy


On 21 May, 2019 a training program was conducted on Child Protection policy by Mr. Francis Rebello for creating awareness about Child Abuse and Child protection Policy. The entire faculty and administrative staff actively participated in the Training process.

Workshop on International Education


A workshop on International Education was conducted by experts Mr. Ankit Jain and Rajesh Baral for class XI and XII on 17th May 2019. The session focused on imparting awareness about the steps one should take for studying abroad, understanding about the criteria for admission in top universities of the world, pre-requisites to enter the college of choice and the various examinations involved for applying overseas.

Mother's Day Celebration


To celebrate the eternal bond of a mother with her children, HCS conducted a Lantern Making Competition on 14 May, 2019 as the theme for the event was Chinese Lantern Festival under the British Council ISA Activity. The competition was for one and a half hours. The bond and the teamwork shared by the mothers with their daughters was alluring and delightful. The lanterns made by them were fascinating in their own way which reflected the hard work put in by all the teams. The judges selected the best ones and the trophies along with certificates were given. The mothers really appreciated the event and gave a positive feedback. The event motivated the HCS team to organize more events as this one proved to be efficacious in many ways.

Summer Party For Class 1 and 2


Summer party for classes 1 and 2 was organised on 8 May, 2019 to beat the scorching heat and bring a bout of freshness amongst the little ones.

Workshops By Alumni Members


Alumni members came forward to motivate students of class XI towards self-respect, self-love and setting goals for success in life. The workshops were carried by Shikha Gupta and Ishneet Kaur on 6 May, 2019.

Health and Nutrition Workshop


A health and nutrition Workshop was held for students of classes VII and VIII in the hall on May 6, 2019. A team from DANONE YAKULT had come to talk about the human digestive system to the students and enumerated various facts about good and bad bacteria in the intestines. After an interactive session with the students there was a quiz where a few children won key rings. At the end of the workshop all the students were given samples of yakult bottles.

Poem Enactment


On 4 May, 2019 students of class3 enacted poems as a part of an ISA activity. Students were given the topic: ‘The festival of lights’ from country of their choice out of India, China and USA.

Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition


Poster making and Slogan Writing Competition was organized on 4 May, 2019 to create awareness about the upcoming elections and the importance of voting

School Feast Day Celebration


Neeti Squad conducted the prayer Assembly on the occasion of the feast day of St. Bartolomea and St. Vincenza. Children also offered prayers throughout the day.

A Walk For Nature


Holy Child School, Tagore Garden celebrated the Earth Day as a part of the British Council ISA Activity. ‘The life we must protect’. T-shirt making competition was organised for classes X-XI on the topic ‘Endangered Species’. The students also participated in a walk to create awareness and to contribute to the cause of conserving Earth and its endangered species.

Commerce Workshop


A workshop on ‘How to ace board examination was conducted by Dr.Vikas Vijay in Holy Child School on 2 May, 2019. In this interactive session, students of class 12 were briefed about various tricks and techniques required to attempt the board Examinations. Regularity and Self-study were emphasized for success in Exams.

Fancy Dress Competition


Fancy Dress Competition for classes 1 and 2 was organized on 30 April, 2019. Class 1 students dressed up on the theme of Nature and food. Where as, the students of Class 2 dressed up as helpers around them.

Meet with School Helpers


On the occasion of Labour’s Day children got the chance of meeting the school helpers. The helpers introduced themselves and showed the instruments they use. Children appreciated the work of watchman, sweeper, gardener, maid, electrician and carpenter.

Labour’s Day


Labour Day is a celebration in the honour of labourers and the working classes. Neeti Squad was the incharge of the cultural programme on Labour’s Day.The programme began by welcoming the supporting staff. Sister Deepika addressed the gathering followed by prayer and distribution of gifts. Students performed a skit, dance and sang a song on the occasion to make our supporting staff feel special.

School Walk For KG


A school walk was organized for kindergarten students on 30.04.19.The tiny toddlers explored their school with keen interest and interacted with senior students and staff. Children were very happy to explore the natural environment which enhanced their progressive thinking.

T-Shirt Making Competition


Holy Child Sr. Sec. School, Tagore Garden celebrated Earth Day as part of the British Council ISA activity ‘The life we must protect’ with a T-Shirt making Competition for Classes 10 and 11. The purpose of the activity was to make the students aware about the endangered species and their duties as an individual to protect the wildlife. The students gained knowledge about endangered species and identified some of the measures to prevent endangered animals becoming extinct.



On April 26 and 27, 2019 Holy child school proudly hosted their second edition of Model United Nation conference. This year’s edition was characterised by the highest academic level, a great enthusiasm and fantastic involvement by the participants. The hardwork of the participants along with the school team perfectly aligned with schools theme “Always more and always better”.

Avril's Odeletta


Holy Child School, organised Avril's Odeletta 2019, a variety of competitions, based on Sustainable Development Goals, on 25 April, 2019 in the school premises. The children from prestigious schools of Delhi showcased their creative skills in movie making, symposium, concevoir and painting competition. Each venue bloomed with amazing ideas and concepts, vibrant templates, teamwork and creativity. Altogether it was an enriching experience for the students as healthy interaction took place and it also enhanced their competitive spirit.

Bible Quiz


Annual Inter School Bible Quiz was held at HCS on 25 April, 2019. Sixteen schools participated in it. The Quiz masters for the day were Pastor Charles Gola and Mrs. Rohini Charles.

Earth Day


Earth Day was celebrated in Holy Child Sr. Secondary School on 24nd April 2019 with a thematic assembly highlighting the topic - “Endangered species” by the students of classes 6th -11th. This was followed by a small skit and dance enumerating the importance of protecting our wildlife. This was followed by the Green Pledge where the Eco-brigades along with the teachers-in-charge, took the oath to keep their surroundings clean, grow more trees, practice zero carbon habit, reduce the paper wastage and implement a total ban on plastic and aluminum foil in the school campus. Various competitions like mask making, bookmark decoration, best out of waste and poster designing were held for students from Class III to VIII on topics related to endangered species.

Educational trip to Police Station and Fire Station


Students of Class 2 went for an educational trip to a Fire Station and a police station on 15 and 16 April, 2019. The educational trip was organised to create awareness amongst children about their neighborhood and their helpers.

English Recitation Competition


Students of Kindergarten took part in English Recitation Competition organised on 23 April and 24 April, 2019 will full enthusiasm and zeal.

Hindi Week was celebrated


Hindi Elocution for Class VI – Students presented their views about their new class and the Swachhata Programme.
Kavi Sammelen for Class VII – Poems with Hasya Ras and Vatsalya Ras were composed and presented by students.
Vaad Vivad for Class VIII – In this debate competition, merits and demerits of Mobiles and Technology and Effects of Films and Fashion were discussed.
Street Play for Class IX – Students presented thought provoking street play on different topics related to Social Issues and Awareness.
JAM – Just A Minute for Class X – Students were told to speak for one minute on the topic given on the spot.



“If you can get people to follow you to the ends of the Earth, you are a great leader.”- Indra Nooyi Investiture Ceremony for both primary and high school provided a platform for motivating student leaders in the making, to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Rangoli Competition


“Colours have a power which directly influence the soul.” Rangoli competition was organized on 6 April, 2019 for the students of Class 5. Students worked in groups to present their artwork